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All Levels Kettlebell Training

Exercise every muscle in less than an hour, improve flexibility, and regain posture. It’s really that simple. This single class makes strengthening your heart, improving endurance, and weight reduction attainable.

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Kettlebell Training
Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced

Kettlecrush is an interval workout with simple movements that are quick to master but deliver life-changing results. The entire training is structured in 10-minute rounds with a 2-minute rest between each round. Most people start with two to three rounds and increase as their bodies transform.

Mike Yurovsky

Complete Kettlebell Training

​Crush Cardio
​Unique high-intensity interval training activates both fast twitch AND super-fast muscle fibers necessary to improve heart health safely.

​Crush Strength
​The off-center weight of the kettlebell forces you to use stabilizer muscles and work the targeted muscles through a more extended range of motion for dramatic strengthening that’s gentle on joints.

Crush Flexibility
Unhindered fluid movement increases your usable range of motion for vital, powerful, usable flexibility that will aid you in everyday life performance.

Mike Yurovsky

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Kettle Crush | Featured on The Wondercise App

The Wondercise app is an on-the-go personal fitness coach going beyond heart rate and steps; it gives users more advanced and interactive experiences alongside exclusive on-demand classes.


“I am often asked what I do to look so fit. KettleCrush is the answer! I am in my mid-forties, have two kids, and a very demanding job. I don’t have much time for myself. This workout has become an integral part of my life. I exercise every morning for 10 min for more than a year and the results speak for themselves. I look better than I ever did before. I am energized, have a great metabolism and most importantly, positive attitude as I am noticing flattering changes to my body ALL THE TIME! We all know that our physical appearance influences our perception about life. It feels extremely satisfying to see myself in the mirror. Trust me, you will feel the same way! Just do it!! Give yourself at least one week to start noticing changes. Start with 10 minutes. Anyone can find 10 minutes! It doesn’t require anything else. All you need is a kettlebell or if you don’t have it, just take a water bottle. You don’t even need sneakers. You can exercise in your pajama rolling out of bed! You can exercise at any place in any country! That’s a tremendous benefit to those with a busy schedule.
Try it!! The reward you will get is incomparable to the time you spend and effort you put into it. You will see – it will become part of your daily routine very fast and all you will be wishing for is to spend another 10 minutes with the kettlebell in your hands because IT DOES WORK!”
 Marianna S.

“Really incredible workout! I’m so grateful my wife and I stumbled upon your class while walking by at Red Reef Park. We’ve been struggling to lose a couple pounds for years with little success. After 4 weeks I’m down 7 pounds without even trying. It’s more than the weight loss, I feel better overall. Mike, we can’t thank you enough.” Robert

“Thank you, Mike, for giving me your time and helping me train. It helped me whenever I was training to build my body and to feel like I was getting my body back and slimming down. Also thanks for giving me one on one help and taking the time to tell me what we were going to do in each round. You were so caring and nice to train me even though I was a child.” Jeremy W.

“I highly recommend this program. It’s truly amazing. I’ve been training with Mike for almost a year and I am in the best shape of my life. The routine is fun, energetic and works the entire body. It’s the only exercise routine that I have been committed to for this long… I’m completely hooked.” Stacy

“Thanks, Mike, for being so kind, caring and generous with your time and expertise with Jeremy, my twelve year old grandson. When we first saw you at Red Reef, he was so impressed and interested to meet you. You talked to him, patiently answered all his questions, showed him training techniques, and he was delighted when you invited him to join your training group. He has attended each one, and that is because of you and all the others in your training who have been so good to him. He has benefited greatly with your strengthening and other techniques and your encouragement. You are a great, fit, healthy, kind role model for him, and I’m extremely grateful!” Victoria

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